About me

I am Holly and here are a few things about me,

I play guitar, I have been paying for five years now. I love skateboarding and I also I love drawing, I love drawing animals and realistic things like roses, flowers, birds, dogs and cats.

I have a brother named Archie, Archie and I DO NOT get along at all.😈

I live in very small house with my mum, dad, brother. My aunt comes around sometimes.

My dad works in travel and my mum is a blacksmith which is super cool!

I love animals and I  also love going travailing overseas 😎 ✈

Safer internet day 2017

Today we were involved in an online webinar along with all the schools in Victoria. We learnt the importance of keeping your privacy and information between your family and friends. For example if you were to be on a TV show you couldn’t walk down the street without somebody coming up to you and recognising who you are. Also anybody all over the world that has access to a computer can just search your name and there might be pictures of you that you don’t want online of some specific information like your weight, height, birthday, age etc.

BTN: ‘Fat’, Video.


1.  4/5 kids have too much fat.

2.  9/10 kids have to much salt.

3.  4/ 10 kids have the right amount of fruit and vegetables.


  1. Do adults have more off a problem than kids?
  2. What are people doing to help this?


  1. Will this improove in the future?

100 Word challenge Athletics Day

I’m scared, I don’t know what to do someone help me I can’t stand it. I know it’s just discuss but I don’t like discuss at all I really don’t

 Okay at least I have long jump I love long jump. In long jump you first run run like the wind. You need to be able to feel the wind in your face and then you jump , you jump a far as you can then…BOOM. You jump into the sandpit. Everybody claps you feel like the king of the world. “Yes” you scream. You  think your first but your last.😢

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