week 7 or 8 i don’t know 100wc

“AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!! Hellp!” I cried in my top voice.“OMG, WHAT IN THE WORLD HAD HAPPENED TO YOU , SWEETHEART??” my mum requested.” My leg got prikled  in the horrible DURIAN, come on mum, WHY, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BYE THAT DURIAN?” I screamed.“Ooo….. OK, let’s get this sorted. So let me call the hospital, just wait for a while.” my mum explained.“AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH, HELLP, SERIOUSLY, THIS IS GOING TO MAKE ME CRAZY!” I shouted.“Come on darling, wait, just wait.” my mum exclaimed.I can’t wait anymore, this is so painful, I can’t walk. This is seriously going to make me crazy!

100 WC week 6″But I didn’t understand the instructions”

“JESSICA! Get down here!” yelled my mother’s voice. I reluctantly got out of bed and dragged myself downstairs into the kitchen. My mother was waiting for me, with a terrifying expression. “I told you to wash the clothes! Why did you rinse them?!” she shrieked. “But I didn’t understand the instructions!” I yelled in reply, “with your mumbly voice I could barely hear you!” “That’s it! Go up to your room!” I stormed upstairs in a tantrum and slammed the door. I could hear the muffled sounds of my mother screaming in anger. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!?

BTN week 6 Hawaii volcano

3 facts

  • lava does not move quickly but it destroys everything in its path but because it is slow  moving people have time to evacuate.
  • the lava is about 2000 degrees.
  • Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

2 question

  • where do people go when people need to go to evacuate?
  • how many homes have been destroyed?

1 insight

  • Hawaii’s Kilauea has been simmering safely for 35 years, but now it is destroying homes.

security and privacy

scamming messages don’t always come from people that you don’t know. your friends can pass on scams due to scams people have lost approximately $90,928,622 over 2017 body parts such as eyes, face and finger can be used to secure your device

BTN Hawaii (herald sun)

3 facts

  • Kilauea has been erupting constantly for 35 years
  • the Hawaii eruption happens after a series of earthquakes
  • there were fountains of lava over 120 feet high

2 questions

  • how much did the earthquakes have to do with the volcano explosion
  • how old is the volcano that is erupting (Kilauea)

1 insight

  • the Kilauea volcano spews lava and fountains of toxic gases into their streets and It has already destroyed 26 homes

100 wc, week 5 or 6 i;m not to sure ;)

The Blep or it’s scientific name Bleepblopblep is the newest member of the mammal family. The Blep can be a wide range of colors and has a dog head that could be any breed of dog and a bird body. For example it could be a Jack Russell Terrier head and an crows body.  This animal lives high on top of the Blong desert of Sapy city. We call this place the Sapy city desert. They eat this special type of cloud called soggy cloud which is very sweet and tasty. So far there are no Bleps in captivity which is good. That’s all about Bleps!

(bl-e-p) with a very short ‘e’

3 facts

  • 7 year drought
  • the cattle price drops
  • the most wide spread drought to ever be recorded in the state

2 questions

  • why does the cattle price drop?
  • how many people are inside the area of the drought?

1 incite

  • Almost 90% of Queensland has recently been declared in drought.

week 5 term 2 (“when did it arrive” i said)

*Knock knock* went the front door.
Mr.Apples opened the front door.
“Good morning!” He greeted “Have you brought my new book?”
“Yes! I did” smiled the mailman “But I do have an extra book do you want it?”
“Of course! Why not?” replied Mr.Apples as the mailman handed over the books.
“Thank you!” shouted Mr.Apples to the mailman as the mailman drove away.
Mr.Apples went back in the house and was concerned about the extra book!
Mr.Apples was interested and murmured, “This is a really strange looking book!”
Mr.Apples thought and thought, suddenly he remembered but what could it be…

BTN, Ring of fire

3 facts

  • in Samoa September, 29, 2009 a huge wave ripped through, caused by an earthquake on the sea floor.
  • in Sumatra September, 30. 2009 an earthquake came through
  • 1st and 2nd areas 10,000km away from each other

2 questions

  • were the first and second deserters being so close in time just coincidence or are they related?
  • why has the ring of fire had the most earthquakes in one year and 3/4 of the worlds volcanos?

1 incite

  • most natural deserters are related


I shouted as loud as i could, i was losing my breath, my face turned red as if i blushed crimson with embarrassment. i ran back to the graveyard as my house was burning up in flames. The misty air was getting worse and worse. i frantically started looking for my dog. i saw him run past the grave yard, around to me. I lifted him up and took him to the cabin that i rented earlier. i called triple zero and waited for them to arrive. i drifted of into a deep sleep and woke up the next morning in shock…

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