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100 WC term 3 week 5

After walking through that mysterious looking door earlier I started thinking to myself why would I do that? Now I’m face to face with a clock that has ice and fire powers! What could I possibly do? (I’m not strong.) Suddenly the clock struck noon and the clock ended up blowing up and launching into the lime so I was all of a sudden quite happy until the lime got the clocks powers…fortunately for me the lime couldn’t move so I could easily make my way back through the portal where my parents were stood looking for me rapidly.

100 word challenge week 3 term 3 …Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock…

¨Wow! Did you see that he just swallowed that flame¨.

¨Yeah i wonder how he did that.¨

¨He had some special ice in his mouth I think.¨

A mother and her daughter went to an amusement park that they regularly went to, they saw a poster that said there was a circus special on later in the night and it said they were going to have a tiger and and elephant.

¨Can we go Mother please and can we also get some lime juice?¨

¨Its past your bedtime.¨

¨I´ll do chores after, and fix the clock at home.¨



100 wc week 3 term 3 picture prompt

The forest it is a very calm but funny place it is filled with weird things. A door perhaps a special door one that can transport you to another planet, I wonder who put it there was it a witch or a normal person that has a big brain. I think it was a very normal person that has a big brain. Should I walk through it? Off I go through the door and out the other side. Where am I’m on the other side of the door? I didn’t know whether I was still in the forest or not.

week 2 term 3 – …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

I was running as far and as super fast as I could until my legs would give way I knew that this was bad. I could feel my legs starting to give way and my heart was starting to beat very quickly I was running until I could see the end it was thew start of a cliff I ran to the end of the cliff SO, AS I LOOKED OVER THE EDGE, I SAW bodys and bodys of people young and old i could see the heads all pulled off of the babys, the arms ripped off of the females and maggots coming out of the ears of the men.

100 WC (week 10, term 2)…however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…

She walked into the deep dark depths of the forbidden forest looking for him. She walked further along, memorizing her spells so she can defeat the Dark Lord. Madam Pulp was running frantically around the hospital wing trying to mend Drips’s bones as quickly as possible so Drip can defeat the Dark Lord. Juce was coming closer. “pulpy juce,” Juce shouted. Leaving Orange-squeezer yellow on the ground. She killed the greatest sorcerer to ever live however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

BTN “dont panic” week 9

3 facts

  • it is very important to have a plan if natural deserter would hit and the family should practice them
  • Keeping a clear head when you’re under stress isn’t easy. Your brain’s designed to work differently when you feel fear. You stop focusing on details or listening to instructions which is horrible during a natural disasters.
  • you should always be looking online or checking the radio for updates on the disasters

2 question

  • why are people researching this?
  •   how many people are troubled by natural deserters?

1 Insight

  • most family’s would not be ready for a large disasters to happen


3 facts

  • taps in Capetown could be turned off by June 4th and they are calling that “day zero”
  • people in Capetown can only use 50 liters of water a day witch is not much.
  • if day zero does happen then people will only be allowed 25 liters of water a day

2 questions

  • what will happen next?
  • how did it get so bad?

1 insight

  • in Capetown the hole city is in risk of running out of water.

100 WC (Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge})

Once upon a time there lived a huge pink bear who liked to eat chocolate bridges sprinkled  with chocolate daffodil‘s. But one day he met someone called Beth who hugged him and stroked his fluffy fur. Later that night a hunter found them while there were sleeping he slowly walked up to them. Then he stepped on a stick and then Beth and the pink bear screamed their heads off. And they both said who are you he said “I’m a hunter and I will catch him.”

“But he’s mine so go away because your not having my bear.” said Beth

BTN (herald sun) A huge rip in the ground has scientists suggesting Africa is starting to split in two

3 facts

  •  there is evidence the African continent will break apart over the next tens of millions of years.
  • It became exposed for the first time after heavy rainfall in Kenya but also caused hospital walls to collapse, flooded entire neighborhoods, and closed off major highways.
  • in about 50 million years the African continent may split into two,

2 questions

  • how far does the split move a year?
  • have people been injured by the split?

1 insight

  • big cracks are appearing in Rift valley in Kenya leading some scientists to suggest it could be the start of Africa splitting in two.

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