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100 wc …it reminded me of a time when…

Hello, my name is Marley. I will be telling you about my trip to a quirky museum. It was a Tuesday and I went with my granddad to this quirky museum. After a while, we got inside the place. There were so many fantastic little objects. As we came to the end of the museum, this massive vintage plane stood on a golden platform! It reminded me of a time when people were getting killed all the time, a bit like the World Wars. It also had these really spectacular huge guns on the wings. I wish I could ride that plane one day I thought.

Goals – Term 4

so far in this semester i have achieved a goal that is  ‘i would to be able to efficiently and correctly work out large and small division problems.’ i have achieved this goal by practicing and attempting to solve different equations with my parents at home

i have not yet been able to completely memorize all of the times table goals that i set at the start of term 3

during this term i am hoping to be able to write a range of poems including haiku and sonnet  poems

100 word challenge (this was very random)

This hand is just stone. Nobody owns it. People have their own hands so they probably don’t want a pair of stone hands. It’s underground because it’s just made like that so it looks cooler and amazing so the people who see it will take pictures and it might get more popular. The realistic pair of stone hands are holding a short type of rope that has a dark shade of grey covering it the two ends are not drooping so it’s very unusual perhaps it’s just part of how it’s made I don’t really know but it is still nice.

100 wc …but what colour should it be?…

It had been a long day, and the family was sitting on the couch, ordering something for their new house. They have finally come to a decision. They were getting… a couch. “But wait,” said Molly the toddler. “What colour should it be?”

“Well I think it should be baby blue,” said Lilly the teenager.

“No way… It’s definitely going to be yellow,” said Maya the young child

“No, no, no,” said mother and father. “ It’s definitely going to be cream, to match the rest of the house.”

“Your all wrong, It definitely needs to be MAGENTA,” I said with excitement



Everything was watermelon pink it was a bit too one colour for her. She had knocked on the door with her hands shaking the waitress had opened the door at concern, hoping it to be the child’s father so she could rest.

“Oh no, hi how are you, Alice, babysitter,” the waitress had said under breath.

She was thrown inside. The wonderful marble stairs lay in the open space the wonderful high ceiling needed. There was a river outside the great window. Alice thought “what a lovely cooked meal positioned on the table.” Alice was nervous as you can tell.

100 wc …As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face…

As Mum and I drove closer to the post office, the more my hands got sweatier. I had been waiting for a letter all week and it had just arrived, I applied to win a holiday. Frightened, captivated, intrigued I walked to the mail box. There it was, all by itself. As I walk back to the car butterflies enter my stomach. I’m so nervous. I didn’t take my eyes of that letter praying that I won. Although it would be one in a million, you’ve got to be in it to win it. As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face. I’ve won a holiday to California.

100 WC term 3 week 5

After walking through that mysterious looking door earlier I started thinking to myself why would I do that? Now I’m face to face with a clock that has ice and fire powers! What could I possibly do? (I’m not strong.) Suddenly the clock struck noon and the clock ended up blowing up and launching into the lime so I was all of a sudden quite happy until the lime got the clocks powers…fortunately for me the lime couldn’t move so I could easily make my way back through the portal where my parents were stood looking for me rapidly.

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