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BTN, Ring of fire

3 facts

  • in Samoa September, 29, 2009 a huge wave ripped through, caused by an earthquake on the sea floor.
  • in Sumatra September, 30. 2009 an earthquake came through
  • 1st and 2nd areas 10,000km away from each other

2 questions

  • were the first and second deserters being so close in time just coincidence or are they related?
  • why has the ring of fire had the most earthquakes in one year and 3/4 of the worlds volcanos?

1 incite

  • most natural deserters are related

Australian history


  1. Ahn do said that Australia is one of the most welcoming county’s
  2. it was super hard for refugees because they didn’t speak the same language as Australians so that means that they couldn’t communicate as easy
  3. Ahn do’s experience at sea was very hard five days at sea two pirate attacks then finally getting piked up by a bigger boat


  1. why did the big boat choose to pick up Ahn do and the other 40 people on the boat?
  2. did refugees enjoy being in Australia?


  1. are meany refugees still going to Australia or are they going to other country’s?

BTN Australian history federation explained


  1. Even though the colonies shared the same continent they had their own different forces, trade polices and even their own railway systems.
  2. You couldn’t even travel by train from Melbourne to Brisbane because the train tracks were different widths at the time.
  3. Victoria and New South Wales which were the more populated countries agreed that the each colony had the same number of senators, so that the smaller colonies were not so out numbered.


  1. Why did Great Britain agree to let the colonies go?
  2. Why did great Britain get to be the boss?


  1. What are the differences between territories and states?


BTN Australian History Punishment


  1. Private Sudds and Private Thompson were stealing a piece of cloth but they wanted to get caught.
  2. Some people wanted to get caught because they believed that the convicts had it easier
  3. The iron chains were torture the prisoners could not walk or stand normally


  1. Why were the punishments so harsh?
  2. Why were the poor not given anything?


  1. Nowadays do people still think the punishments were okay?

BTN Australian History first fleet


1. 11 ships were prepared to set sail to Australia

There were 6 ships with convicts

There were 2 navy ships

And 3 ships full of the supplies needed to build a new colony

2 .Captain Arthur Phillip was chosen to lead that colony

3. The time that the first fleet arrived aboriginals did not know what a cow was


  1. How many people died on the way to Australia

2. How many days did it take to get their


  1. Why did they chose to go to Australia

BTN: ‘Fat’, Video.


1.  4/5 kids have too much fat.

2.  9/10 kids have to much salt.

3.  4/ 10 kids have the right amount of fruit and vegetables.


  1. Do adults have more off a problem than kids?
  2. What are people doing to help this?


  1. Will this improove in the future?

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