The Edison moved forward, dodging the placed obstacles (pens, water bottles, pencil cases), and stopped after 60 cm’s. It turns left 90 degrees left, then 180 degrees right, then 90 degrees left. Then, I clap, and it then turns 180 degrees drives back, dodging the obstacles again. It then turns another 180 degrees.

The mars rover moved forward, dodging rocks for 60 cm’s. It then turned on its scanners, and turned 90 degrees left, then 180 degrees right, scanning for alien life forms. When it hears any movement, it turns 90 degrees left. It then turned 180 degrees, so it faces the way it came. It drives back, dodging obstacles. It then turns 180 degrees.

BTN – Humans in Space


– NASA put six people into a dome in Hawaii foe an isolation experiment.

– most things that we do everyday are very very different in space

– they held an experiment to see how people who would be going to mars would react to the challenges that mars has



– When will send people to mars?

– What training will they need to go through?



– now i know the different pros and cons that mars has to offer

BTN … we seemed to be on the television…

One day me and my friends were playing hide and seek. Me and my friend Evie decided to hide together. So we hid in the closet. Then as we where trying to squish into the closet we heard the tv randomly turn on we both looked at each other with fear. We went to go see what was on the tv then we both said out loud “is that us” we seemed to be on the television. We both thought that this was very interesting and weird. So we ran up to are friends to say we are on tv!

100 WC Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

I backed around the corner and began running. It was a pretty scary sight.  Seeing those gorilla-like eyes had freaked me out completely. Glancing back briefly, I saw that the weird men were beginning to chase. They had the upper hand though. I had been blindfolded walking through the maze. Suddenly a bright yellow light shone into my eyes. I raised my hand slightly to shield my eyes… and then I heard it. Something fell in the distance and then they all began to fall. I just kept running, aware of bricks falling around me. Just then I saw a door and jumped.

BTN (Mars experiment)


  • NASA put 6 people in a dome in the side of a volcano in Hawaii for an isolation test to see what life would be like on mars
  • the dome is 11 meters wide you have no fresh air the same food and little privacy
  • we (NASA) have the technology but NASA doesn’t know how people will cope with the trip there and the isolation of no family and little entertainment


  • when will they end up going to mars?


NASA landed a rover the size of a car on mars which were worth 2 billion dollars

It has a heat shield to protect from the heat of mars.

Its aim is to find life on Mars as well as sample rocks and see what its made of.

why does

100 wc …it reminded me of a time when…

Hello, my name is Marley. I will be telling you about my trip to a quirky museum. It was a Tuesday and I went with my granddad to this quirky museum. After a while, we got inside the place. There were so many fantastic little objects. As we came to the end of the museum, this massive vintage plane stood on a golden platform! It reminded me of a time when people were getting killed all the time, a bit like the World Wars. It also had these really spectacular huge guns on the wings. I wish I could ride that plane one day I thought.

Goals – Term 4

so far in this semester i have achieved a goal that is  ‘i would to be able to efficiently and correctly work out large and small division problems.’ i have achieved this goal by practicing and attempting to solve different equations with my parents at home

i have not yet been able to completely memorize all of the times table goals that i set at the start of term 3

during this term i am hoping to be able to write a range of poems including haiku and sonnet  poems

100 word challenge (this was very random)

This hand is just stone. Nobody owns it. People have their own hands so they probably don’t want a pair of stone hands. It’s underground because it’s just made like that so it looks cooler and amazing so the people who see it will take pictures and it might get more popular. The realistic pair of stone hands are holding a short type of rope that has a dark shade of grey covering it the two ends are not drooping so it’s very unusual perhaps it’s just part of how it’s made I don’t really know but it is still nice.

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