100 WC, week 3, pic prompt

i was sitting on the bench in front of the 3 stone statues, i felt like someone was watching me i look behind me and no one was there apart from the 3 stone statues facing me i move to the next closest bench on the right of me i look a the 3 stone statues they are facing me. i ran home and went to bed. the next day in the morning i turned on the TV on to the news “all 3 statues are gone,” i get changed and walk out the door i see all 3 statues staring straight at me.

Goals for semester 1

Goals for semester 1

What I want to learn:

  • I would like to learn a bit more coding and IT.
  • I would like to learn as much maths as possible before high school so I am able to understand all / most of the maths in school so I am not behind.
  • I would like to read a wider range of books but I am a very fussy reader but I need to put this goal in to complete It.

List some examples of things I could do that would show im trying to meet my goal:

  • I could try to do some coding at home with my parents a couple days a week
  • I can ask ant for more maths homework
  • I can take multiple recommendations of book and read the books that they recommend

How I learn and behave:

  • I would like to put my hand up more ask more questions during class so I am able to learn much more before high school
  • I would like to be more efficient during class when it comes to writing down notes I really need to get notes down so I think that this is a good goal for me at the moment

List examples of things I could do that show that I am trying to meet my goal:

  • I can any questions that come to my head on a post-it note
  • Not warring about neatness as much as I do



my introduction letter


my name is holly, I enjoy playing music,

I went on amazing holiday with my best friend Grace. Grace chose me to come to Philip island with her we went to Cowes. we rented out a gorgeous house close to the beach every day of the 6 days we were their on the last day we were their we saw a sting-rye









100 word challenge week 5 ? term 4.

this is our picture prompt for this week i

i went to the city to see a concert but some thing was strange i thought that i was in a dream or any way i hoped that i was in a dream thoughts started to take over my head , i tried to snap my self back to reality . i started to think that ghosts were real and i started to wonder if they could see me and i started to wonder if i could put my hands through them and i couldn’t get my head around the fact that this was real.

100 word challenge week 3 term 4 …as the door slammed, I knew…

As i was walking home from my friends house i felt a warm breath behind me on my neck. it was 9:00 and our houses were super close the quickest way to get to her house was to go through a short ally way. i was on my phone and a hand covered my mouth i could hear axelerator of a car. the car came zooming in the mysterious man took me in to the back of a van as the door slammed, I knew there was no way back.

100 word challenge week 2 term 4

This week we will be writing our 100 word challenge based on this picture prompt   


late last night heard two men fighting or having an argument near the flat river. the locals call the river the flat river is because there life in the river, there never even a ripple in the water. during the fight / argument my younger sister got quite scared she new that something was up and it wasn’t going to end up good.

the day after the fight / argument my boy friend and i went down to the river and this is what we saw


What do I want to draw birds, no I have enough drawings of birds. After a good few house of thinking about what to draw I thought maybe a dog but what type of dog ? I knew what I needed to do but it was one thing I did not like to do it was research yes it was research about dogs n o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o…

after a long time of research i finally found the dog i wanted to draw it was a Australian Shepherd





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